At Shredded by Grace, we believe there is power in numbers--in shared values, in community.  And we hold to the core conviction that fitness is far more than an externally attractive physique--that pursuing purpose beyond yourself is an integral part of whole-person-health. 

There are so many opportunities--not only to better ourselves but to impact the lives of countless others. Individually, the task seems nearly insurmountable. But, as a collective group, our impact can be multiplied and lives can be changed. 

My part may be small, with support of many, we can change the world….Just as your chance of winning a tug of war increases by the more “muscle” available, the more power we can have in some of the social wars that people face in this world!  my heart is to bring awareness to some great needs that many do not even know about…as I take on new fitness challenges, I will be supporting and building awareness for various causes.  I want to always be reminded that there is more to life than my own struggles or challenges.  I want to remember that powerful growth can be gleaned by focusing on gratitude and giving back to others!  I hope that many of you will join with me…there are many ways to do your part….LETS change the world!  Let’s not only seek improving ourselves daily but also seek the strengthening power of impacting others lives as well.  Just as we all have needed support and help through trials and crisis in our own lives, we have the opportunity to be that helping hand to others that need it right now!


-10% of all my training packages will go to support the current cause

-___% of all apparel/merchandise will go to support the cause

-My “journeys to the stage” in WBFF physique competitions and professional appearances will be highlighting the current cause

-My “SBG groups” will be taking on challenges together to promote & support each cause

           - examples: 5K’s, social media fitness/fundraiser challenges etc.

***please contact if you have new ideas to add!!